Unity Multiplayer FPS Kit: Try Before You Buy

Are you unable to decide whether you want to buy MMMPFPSK or not? Well, here’s the solution!

Before you buy, try out the kit in a WebGL build to see if it’s what you are looking for. To do so, go to this page.

Unity Multiplayer FPS Kit: Post Release Update #2 Released

A new update for MMMPFPSK has been released!

The main feature of this update are the new, fully animated first person weapons!

Full feature list:

  • Fully animated first person weapons
  • Walk Tilt
  • Fall Down Effect
  • Mecanim controlled run animation
  • Loading Screen Progress Bar
  • Camera Animation Support
  • WebGL Support

With the release of this update, the price has risen to 50€ instead of 45€.

As usual, if you already have it, you receive the update for free. So get it now instead of later! The price will rise further as more and more features are added.

Get it here:


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Unity Multiplayer FPS Kit: Weapon Animation Preview

The first person weapon animations for MMMPFPSK are finally done. Check them out:

It will not be long until the next update, which includes the animations, will be done. Check out the progress here:

Keep in mind that, once the animations are released, the price of the kit will rise. So get it now while it’s still at 45€:


Read more about our full projects that are for sale here.

Unity Mars’ Modular Multiplayer Photon FPS Kit Released

Mars’ Modular Multiplayer Photon FPS Kit for Unity has been released!

The first version contains everything you need to get started on developing a multiplayer first-person shooter using Unity & Photon.

As of today, it costs 45€. Once animated weapons have been added (which will be soon, in October), the price will rise.

Get it now: