Rules on this Forum

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Rules on this Forum

Post by RaC-Studio » Sun Apr 19, 2020 12:53 pm

Welcome to the 314 Arts Community Dev Forum

We are happy to see you here and we hope you will find what you searching for!

Before you start Searching or create Script´s and share it here we need to show you our Rules!

!Read Carefully!

Rules:(Note: They will be extendend)
  1. Be polite to other People(No Racism,nothing that will hurt the other persons feelings)
  2. Do not try to post Stuff that isn´t yours!(PIRATE ASSETS) LifeTime Ban
  3. No Shitty Talk dont piss of other People cause you have your funny time!
  4. Don't post inappropriate things(Included Avatar and Signatur)
  5. When u ask for help and you create a topic please dont just type in the subject/title something like "Help"!

Have Fun on the 314 Arts Forum!

Your Admin Rhodos32
Your Admin Rhodos32


Keep calm and script!