Do you want to go back to a time where 50% of the game was not locked behind a paywall? Then join us in our time machine as we make this dream come true.

Vengeance features:

  • Great gunplay: Weapons feel heavy, responsive and will challenge your ability to face recoil!
  • Full bot support: No internet connection? No problem! Play the multiplayer completely offline against our bots!
  • Great graphics: Did you know that the game is using Unity? Probably didn’t expect that, did you? We have been working day and night to bring this experience to you – with great looking, modern graphics!
  • Amazing weapon animations: One thing that has always been on the top list of our players: The weapon animations. We are working hard to bring you only the finest of first-person weapon animations.
  • Amazing sounds: Footsteps, explosions, gunfire. Every single sound is amazing. Guns are loud, can’t hear footsteps across the map. Take a listen!
  • Custom sprays: Tired of being charged a fee for using non-custom sprays, for a limited time? Use our Spray editor and submit your own, custom sprays to the Workshop and directly use them in-game.

This is not your typical Early Access shooter that is abandoned after a few weeks. It’s a time machine back to a better time. The difference is: This is still in active development.