Quality of life improvements

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Quality of life improvements

Post by Aww549 » Fri Jan 10, 2020 7:30 pm

version 0.7 has been so much fun so far, the addition of the new shotgun, and the return of the mp40 has been great!
killstreaks also provide a new level of fun and gameplay that the game lacked.

my list for improvements:
-remove killstreaks from gungame.. it unfair, makes the match unplayable and ruins the feeling of gungame (instead of trying guns you wouldn't normally use, you call an airstrike and get 10 guns ahead), you are not even allowed to heal in gungame, let alone killstreaks.

-chat color needs to be altered, currently the background is white and the text is black.. swap the colors, increase the opacity of the black background when clicking y and reduce it when closing the chat

-rampage is giant for gungame
-the options menu color scheme is not really good, its hard to view and looks weird with the white and black colors (more of the black and red please)
-the silencer for the ak12 makes it sound like a chopper (not good when attempting to suppress sound)
-please remove the "ok soldier you fucking dickhead.. keep going" line.. it hurts on so many levels.. not cool man ;-;

-new (steroids) injector/ syringe:
1- loving the brand new animation
2-hate the color scheme and general design (too thick, too bright)

future suggestions:
-plz add the potato grenade back (the stg and mp40 made it, why cant the potato)
-improved spawn logic
-sights on deagle
-older sights should make a return (seems like a waste to combine them into one)
-Acog sight is disgustingly thick and cuts a lot of the vision
-fallback should be redecorated on the edges (it looks generic but god does it play well! good job on that)

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