When to launch your game

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When to launch your game

Post by themars2011 » Sat Dec 07, 2019 10:01 am

Just a quick heads up for those waiting to release their game on Steam of similar platforms, a few questions to go through. Only release if you answer all of them with yes:

1. Does your game's content justify the price? Players are very negative if they spend e.g. $20 and don't get their moneys worth. This is pretty subjective though.
2. Are there no bugs? As we all know, bug-free software/games are a dream, but you should play a few hours and notice no bugs. If you notice any, fix them before release. This is extremely important.
3. Do you have a small (the larger the better) community waiting for your game to be released? If your game is free to play, it's not as important. However, if it costs money, you need to be able to establish a player base ASAP.
4. Is your game unique enough? Same as with point one. If there's not enough to distinguish it from other games (gameplay mostly), players are waiting to rip it apart.

Just a few of my thoughts, there's more but if you legitimately answer all of them with yes, your game is ready (or very close) to be released.
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